Reaching the Hearts and Minds of We the People

Data & Data Management

Understanding who your voter universe contains is the foundation of building a winning strategy.

Lead Capture & List Building

Building your voter contact list is the key to broadcasting your message and staying in contact with voters.

Lit., Collateral Creation & Mail

Eye-catching literature and promotional materials buy you the first 30 seconds to make your pitch.

Video, TV & Radio Creation

Visual and auditory messaging is one of the most powerful ways to reach your voters and keep them engaged.

Event and Advance Team

Exciting your base and persuading undecided voters can all be accomplished by well-planned events and rallies.

Fundraising & Donors

Fundraising is the lifeblood of every campaign and business. Without donors, you have no campaign.

Targeted Ground Attack

Knocking on doors isn't sexy. In fact, it's hot in the summertime and cold in the fall. It's also the key to winning a close race.

Phone Calls & P2P Texting

Telemarking and P2P Texting reach voters at high contact rates. Email is good. Texting and calls are better.

Digital Ads & Social Media

Micro-targeting voters to make sure they see meaningful messages is an important part of digital targeting.

Narrative Creation

The most fundamental idea in narrative creation is to talk about issues that are important to the people (not you).

Budget Creation & Management

Managing "burn-rate" and proper allocation of fundraising dollars is essential to running a healthy campaign.

The Campaign Calendar

The Campaign Calendar is the roadmap to victory or defeat. A campaign without a calendar isn't a campaign at all.

Dark Horse Political can guide your campaign through the fundamental tactical process of managing an organized winning campaign. For more information on how DHP can assist your campaign please email mycampaign@dhpolitical.com for details.