Founded in 2015 by Christopher Gergen, the seeds of what would become Dark Horse Political were planted during Senator Bob Dole’s Presidential campaign in 1996.  For almost 20 years, Mr. Gergen stayed involved in politics and campaigns as a volunteer before leaving his job as a financial planner with a Fortune 500 investment firm to create DHP.  Gergen saw first hand the political consultancy space was rife with pretenders and grifters who moved from candidate to candidate without providing any real value.  He believed there must be a better way.

In 2016, Gergen was tapped by the Donald J. Trump for President organization to operate as the statewide Political Director in Oregon during the Primary election.  After winning the Primary election, Gergen stayed on into the General election until he was asked to help campaign operations on the ground in Florida.  While in Florida working on a local race he met his wife, Eva Sara Landau, who was the co-founder of Latinas for Trump in 2016.

Since that time, DHP expanded its operations to run races in multiple states, work with PACs (Political Action Committees), and political operations internationally in South America.

In 2023, DHP will expand operations to Europe.

Mr. Gergen and Mrs. Landau live in Las Vegas, Nevada with their 13-year-old Chihuahua and a stubborn Basset Hound named Brenda.  Christopher is a cigar aficionado and when Eva Sara is not running her human rights non-profit, she enjoys cooking and traveling.


While Dark Horse Political is competent in many different areas, our true value to our clients revolves around two fundamental areas:

1. Strategic Planning

2. Tactical Planning

Strategic Planning is the underlying foundation of all of your campaign activities.  It is the roadmap. Without a sound campaign roadmap, your efforts will be disorganized, chaotic, and ineffective.  Knowing what must be done to win your race BEFORE you embark on the journey cannot be overstated.  Hope is NOT a strategic plan.

Tactical Planning is the execution arm of your campaign efforts.  Tactics are ‘the how’ of your campaign.  How are you targeting voter segments?  How often are you targeting these segments?  How are you raising the money to fund the operations?  How are you managing your data?  How do you respond to an attack from an opponent?  How do you manage a crisis or bad media?  These are tactical issues.

Your campaign image requires iconic branding and effective marketing.  Perception is reality.  Whatever the voters believe to be true about your campaign based upon their perception of your brand is true to them–whether that perception mirrors reality or not. Your entire campaign is represented by the logo, brand language, and style of your publicity.  Many voters dismiss candidates due to poor branding and weak marketing.  Do your logo and brand express competence, power, and excellence?

Our technology-driven society requires a clean UI/UX experience.  This is why your Web & Graphic Design team needs to be the best.  Brand continuity and consistency put voters at ease.  The goal of our Web & Graphic Design team is to ensure anyone who comes into contact with your campaign–whether through your website, your app, an online ad, a social media account, a piece of literature mailed or dropped at their door, a radio or television ad, or any other medium–has the same experience each time.

Within each of these two fundamental competencies, Dark Horse Political employs the very best tools and resources available to our clients to ensure their campaigns can compete at the highest level.

For more information on how Dark Horse Political can help your campaign please send an email to mycampaign@dhpolitical.com for details.